About Stay Zen

Life entails interplay of mind, body and soul. We all in our own lives and spatial domains are striving for happiness and for a life that gives us everything that we wish for. There are moments when we feel lost, directionless, helpless and at times distressed. On the other hand, for many of us everything seems to be going right but still we don’t feel the optimal sense of achievement, success and happiness.

In the most comprehensive way, at Stay ZEN I help you to explore your inner being - the YOU and ‘stay in touch’ with your own self; and as we sail along, you experience change and transformation in your life. In this journey, you keep climbing on steps of fulfilment by connecting yourself with the all life force - Energy of Prana.

As you read on further and explore this site, you will get a glimpse of the way to empower yourself and take charge of your life.

Stay ZEN empowers YOU.

About Deepti Divya
A university gold medalist, Deepti has been fortunate enough to have the chance to study a range of subjects and explore human interactions. This along with her strong passion in human psychology, emotions, mind works and the space in which we all live, there has been grasping of the subtle nuances of interconnectivity that primarily governs much part of how we feel and act in any given space. This understanding of the multiple forces of life at work empowers her every role - be it of a life coach, a counsellor, a crisis intervention specialist, a colleague, a friend, and that of a human being.
With over 15 years of training experience, she has successfully conducted training programs for various target groups ranging from private groups to schools teachers to IAS officials and Police Personnel.